How to Beat the Casino: Top 10 Tips

Casino gives you a chance to win big and make all your dreams come true. But don’t expect any miracles. You must be smart about it. We at have gathered here 10 best tips how to beat the casino without going broke.

Before you visit our bonuses & promotions page and enjoy free casino cash, here are 10 useful tips you should know on how to beat the casino and walk away with profit.

1. There is no shame about quitting

Whether you are winning or losing, it’s always crucial to know you have to stand up and quit the table. The casino, of course, would like to have you continue playing, but you must stick to whatever goals you have set ahead. For instance, tell yourself that you’ll quit once you double the money in your pocket – or when you lose half of them. Hold that thought in your head from the very beginning – and you are always ready to quit when either of these two milestones are reached. This way you are guaranteed not to lose everything.

2. Know that you might lose – and control how much you will lose

Yes, sorry to break your spirits, but this is another thought you need to adopt. The win is never guaranteed. Moreover, you must decide how much you will lose (see previous tip) – and this is the only money that you should be carrying with you. Leave all your credit cards and checkbooks in your hotel room! It’s too tempting to draw more money from the ATM, so don’t enable yourself. Gambling can be a cruel mistress.

3. Always count your cash

After you’ve mastered the previous tips – be constantly aware how much you have in your pocket. Know how much you’ve spent and how much you’ve won. Be disciplined about your available money. Always know your win-loss ratio for this session.

4. Know the time

Casinos tend to have no clocks on their walls, and so it’s easy to lose track of time and sit for hours, gambling away more money that you have intended. Carry a watch or a smartphone to tell you time. Don’t sit for too long, become sleepy, unfocused and lose more. In addition, set yourself a time limit fo every game or table. For instance, if you’re stuck in the same location for 20 minutes and you still don’t see any profits – it’s time to move to a different table or machine.


5. Never drink when gambling

If you think that sleepiness can somewhat harm your play – then alcohol can do you ten times more damage. It will affect your judgement and your decisions and behavior will become full emotional. You will waste your money uncontrollably while becoming too agitated or too carefree. You definitely don’t need this kind of interference with your decision making process.


6. Be familiar with the odds to win

It might sound like an obvious tip, but some of the gamblers unjustifiably ignore it. Know what are you chances to get the winning hand, or combination, or number. Always remember that the house wins in the end, so you are never the sure favorite in any kind of game. Be always focused and know that all your wins are short term only.

7. Slot machines and their hidden costs

Slot machine are probably the most popular casino game, they are fast and easily accessible. However, be aware that many machines are linked across the country. So to win big you must deposit the maximum amount of coins. That’s what those linked machine demand so that you can participate in the mega-jackpot. However, if you don’t play the maximum coins, you can only win a small jackpot. You must be aware of every term of the game you’re playing.

8. There is no winning system

Plain and simple – there is no method that guarantees you constant big wins. All those systems that claim to be 100% profitable – their only real profit is for those who sell them. If the systems work for them, the sellers wouldn’t push them so hard to make a few bucks from the sale. Gambling is mostly luck, so don’t believe the promises of those systems. If the systems had worked, the casinos would have been out of business a long time ago. In reality, the casinos are still profitable, and the systems are not.

9. Breaks

Once in a while stand up and walk away for a break. Do not become completely consumed by the game. Don’t be greedy, don’t think that you must remain glued to your seat in order not to miss the next lucky situation. Go to eat and have a soft drink. And while you’re at it, check your win-loss ratio. Maybe it’s time to quit for today.

10. What to do when you cash out

Head straight for the exit, without looking left or right. When you leave the cashier, you pass through a maze of temptation, with tables and machines on both your sides luring you to play just one more dollar. Don’t be tempted, you’ve made you final decision, you’ve cashed out, so it’s “good-bye, casino” for tonight.


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Best of luck and see you at the tables.