The Worst Blackjack Strategies - Part 2

And we are back with 4 more worst Blackjack strategies that you should definitely avoid. In part 1 we have covered how some blackjack players make the mistake of copycatting the dealer, avoiding busting at all costs and the dreadful Martingale system. Here is another system that you should not use.

The Fibonacci system

If you thought that Martingale’s method of doubling the bet was bad, here is a “mathematical” method of increasing your bets according to the Fibonacci series of numbers. As you know, the numbers in this series are a sum of the previous two. So it does like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21… Scary, right? Because according to this obscure system, this is how you should raise your bets if your previous bet was lost. It’s a sure way to quickly burn your entire bankroll. It also make no sense. Just because the Fibonacci is such a cool and famous string of numbers, it does not guarantee that you can win your money back!

The cancellation system

And if the previously mentioned two systems weren’t weird (and unprofitable) enough, here come the notorious Labouchere/cancellation system. This betting method suggests that you take several consequent numbers, let’s say 1 to 5. Your first bet would be the sum of the highest and lowest numbers, i.e 6. If you lose, strike out 1 and 5 from your list and add 6 to its end. Now your bet should be 2+6 = 8. Lost again? Cancel 2 and 6, add 8, bet 11. If you win your bet, then you cancel its number from the series.

Your ultimate goal is to cross all the numbers… but you will most likely lose your money before do. Like in the previous systems, this strategy is not guaranteed to bring your profit. It’s just a “cute” mini-game to play with yourself, while you increase the bets and decrease your bankroll.

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Permanent insurance

Dealer shows an ace? Uh-oh, better take insurance… always! He might have a 10 values card lying face down. The problem is that the chances for dealer’s blackjack are 4:13, while the insurance pays you 2:1, and in most cases you will lose the wager. In the long run, this Blackjack strategy is just another way to lose more money. Simply don’t use it.

My hand’s good? Better take insurance!

The final bad strategy in our list is a follow-up to the previous one. If your hand is already good, taking an insurance against dealer’s blackjack is, again, a sure way to lose your money in the long run. The odds of winning the insurance are not in your favor, so you better stick to the hand that you’ve been dealt.


In conclusion, in the last two articles we have introduced to 7 worst Blackjack strategies. From copying the dealer to using obsolete systems, these are the methods and behaviors that you must not have in your arsenal! For additional reading, see our top 10 Blackjack mistakes that you should avoid. Also, you should read 7 Blackjack Facts That Will Surprise You.