How to Win at the Casino with $20

Venturing into the world of gambling while equipped with a twenty dollar bill may sound absurd at first, but that is until you learn about all the options that are on the table. A little investment can go a long way, if used properly, and this article will hopefully provide you with all the necessary instructions to do that.

First things first, you must understand we’re not going to deal with land-based casinos here. It is indeed a questionable idea to barge into one with $20 and expect to be taken seriously. Instead, you should study the options available online, as digital parlors are usually far more lenient when it comes to the player’s initial capital, and this shall be our first and most important step.

Picking the Perfect Parlor

Your first encounter with the world of online gambling may prove confusing and disheartening, owing to how oversaturated the current supply is. Do not despair over that - sifting through the casinos will take some time, but it is time well spent and will influence greatly the chances of your $20 actually yielding any returns. Here’s a basic set of criteria that will help you pick your first web parlor:

Reputation & Feedback

With online casinos, your chance to run into paid reviews is sky-high, so take what you find with a pinch of salt, and then search some more until you locate what looks like a source of feedback that feels real and isn’t one-sided. Remember there are simply no perfect parlors that do everything right - but some casinos are much better than average. Final advice - review bombing is uncommon in the industry, so look for negative reviews first, as they are less likely to consist of falsehoods and fantasy.

Banking and Security

Once you settle for about a dozen candidates, it’s time to check how well they are equipped in terms of transactions and data safety. Don’t rush through the terms and pay attention to the fine print - one tricky wording can turn the meaning of a huge slab of text preceding it upside down, or negate it entirely. The banking methods page must include at least five common payment operators and state clearly the transaction times and limits for each.

It’s okay if a casino refuses to pay out anything until you verify your account - they need to protect their interests too. Sending copies of your documents for a check-up is safe if a parlor explicitly states they won’t transfer the data elsewhere and has its database protected with one or several tools like SSL encryption.


Last but not least, don’t hesitate to judge the book by its cover. This may be subjective, but the natural selection mechanism of animals choosing partners on the basis of attractiveness applies to your search for a trustworthy casino. If something seems fishy, drop it at once - say, if the website looks like it hasn’t been updated since the late 90’s or its interface feels slow and buggy, chances are it’s a hastily-made one-off scam enterprise. It’s better to be mistaken and brush off a perfectly legit casino than let a fraud slip past your vigilance.

Squeezing the Bonus Offers Dry

Bonuses are an integral part of online gambling, and they are often the crucial factor that helps a hesitant newcomer make their pick. Again, it is in your best interest to give the bonus terms a thorough read and look up all the unknown expressions, like ‘wagering requirements’. Otherwise, your twenty bucks will go down the drain quicker than you can say ‘jackpot’.

Do not swallow the bait of fabulously high welcome deals - you may get the promised bonus, after all, but the conditions for withdrawal can be ludicrous. An example of a realistic deal is a 120% Match bonus offered by BoVegas Casino. Just like with any other offer, all you have to do is copy the ROYAL120 code, redeem it on a relevant page, and voila - your $20 is now $44.

Another option to grow your gambling budget is to hunt down the No Deposit deals. The casinos are quite secretive about such codes and usually don’t feature them on the promotions page, but you shouldn’t bother with their motives while pursuing your own. Just ask Google whether there are any active no-deposit codes for your casino of choice - most of the time, you’ll find them on aggregate bonus websites.

Playing the Highest-paying Games

It is often that the game with the most eye candy turns out to be exceptionally stingy when it comes to rewards, so you shouldn’t be tempted to all-in your cash in return for a pretty wrapping, and this is where the RTP stats come in handy. Return-To-Player rate is usually measured in percentage, and can amount to anywhere from 99.99% to 50% or less. What it means for you is that for each $100 wagered, you can expect to get back the amount equal to the RTP rate.

The trick about RTP is that it gets more accurate the more spins on a slot machine were made by all the gamblers. You shouldn’t make rash conclusions when seeing figures like 112% - it only means that the slot is unpopular and some of those few who played it were luckier than most. There are no mathematical grounds to assume that you will get lucky as well. Instead, go for the games that have the best RTP-to-rounds played ratio - the more, the better.

Wrapping Things Up

Some writers follow a simple, yet effective rule - they call it quits for the day when the writing feels the best. There is a good reason to implement this into your playing strategy - all good things must end, after all, and you should remain level-headed and don’t let euphoria carry you away. Remember, there is no such thing as ‘hot hand’ - it’s all hard, cold math and a bit of luck - may both be on your side!
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