Top 9 Secrets that Professional Gamblers Don’t Want to Share

So what makes a successful professional gambler? According to the famous Don Johnson, who once won $15m in a month playing blackjack, only two things helped him beating the casino: skills and a plan. Naturally, many people would love to follow his footsteps and win a life-changing prize. Atlantic City and Vegas are full of dreaming hopefuls, who try their luck in every casino game possible. The same goes for online casinos.

But not everyone wins, of course. So the question we must ask is, what do the winners like Johnson know and have that the regular players don’t? Well, we’re about to share with you the hidden secrets of winning in casino.


Card counting is not that hard

Contrary to the Hollywood fairy tales, you don’t need to be a savant to count cards. It’s simple, and no advanced math or superhuman memory and skills are required. You only need to keep in mind what to do and what to track. It’s in casinos’ best interest to spread the rumor that card counting does not help. In Blackjack, the casino’s edge over you is not that high, and your odds are the best. If you learn the counting method, the profit is yours.

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There is more money in the new slots than you were told

This is another rumor that floats around and discourages players from winning big in slots. It’s entirely incorrect to think that the newest slots pay less, and that you should only stick to the old ones. The online casinos are constantly producing new and exciting games, which are designed to actually give you much more opportunities to win. The online casino rooms are in fact interested that you try them, win more and spread the positive word.

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Only stupid people believe in superstitions

Sorry for the blunt message, but it’s the obvious truth. Too many gamblers base their decisions on superstitions. They constantly repeat or avoid specific things, and in the process of doing so are actually losing more money. Devotedly sticking to the superstitious patterns is counterproductive.

You must understand that superstitious beliefs in good or bad luck do not influence the outcome of any game. Successful casino players are definitely not superstitious.

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Focus only on the right thing

Successful gambling, first and foremost, demands complete concentration. Just like an athlete in an important game, you can’t afford to lose focus and become swayed by irrelevant things and thoughts. Once you sit down and play, you must not think about your family or work problems. Both your mind and your eyes should be only on the hand you were dealt.

(professional gambler Don Johnson)


All emotions should be left at the casino’s doorstep

We have mentioned sports earlier. Pro gamblers treat the game just like any sports event. And, like in sports, you mustn’t let your emotions dictate the course of the game. Remember being cold and collected at all times. There will be hands, wagers, spins and rolls that you will either win or lose. Don’t let that affect you in any way, otherwise bad decisions will follow. Start a new hand or bet with a fresh mindset, every time.


Accept the hard times when they come

Any experienced gambler will tell you that a string of bad results can always come, no matter how good or “lucky” you think you are. Sometimes the losing streak can last as long as a year.

The dents in your bankroll are unavoidable. If the money you currently have matters too much to you, and you can’t afford to keep losing it – consider taking a temporary break from the casinos.

On the other hand, a sudden big win does not mean you need to become a big spender. The bad times can be around the corner, so preserve your money for such occasions.


Building your bankroll

If your entire bankroll is 10 grand, you cannot play 1000 Blackjack hands. Don’t play with the money that you need for groceries and bills, keep a separate account for gambling, otherwise you might go broke! You need a bankroll that can withstand the wild swings of random numbers. You must build your bankroll gradually, for instance by putting aside 10% of your monthly salary. The same goes for your winnings, put aside a certain percentage, reuse it as a part of your bankroll and prolong your gambling career.


Discipline above all

Casino games can be very exciting and enjoyable, an invigorating pastime. But you must treat this pastime with respect. Drinking or using drugs while you gamble is a horrific way to enhance your playing experience, one that will cause you much more than you can afford. A player with a sharp and focused mind and a controlled bankroll will make a profit. A drinker and drug abuser will not.

In addition, practice making decisions based on logical thinking. Don’t bet and gamble just because you feel obliged to play in a certain way, or because your ego tells you that the other player or dealer are your opponents.

Bet only when you must. Don’t allow your ego make the decisions for you. A disciplined mind, supported by knowledge and correct bankroll, will always prevail.


Keep your records

If you started using the aforementioned secrets in your favor, eventually you will see a few extra coins in your wallet. The last secret is keeping records of all your losses and wins. You must do this, to prevent a headache in the future, when you will be dealing with the tax filing.

Remember that the records must include online casinos as well. You pay taxes for your online earnings as well. Keeping complete and clear records will make the auditing experience much easier to handle.


In conclusion, the ultimate secret of the casino gambling is that it’s no different from a sports competition. Be knowledgeable, plan ahead, stay focused, disciplined and cool – and your win is guaranteed.

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