Online Casino Myths and Why They Are False

There are tons of myths about online casinos floating around the Internet. While there is some small true side to them, many are simply false and incorrect. These misconceptions should not discourage you from trying your luck at the online casino games. In this article, we hope to disprove the most common casino myths. Here is a list of top seven of them.


1. The online casinos are fixed

This is a myth usually perpetuated by people who do not have a balanced view about online gambling. It is also a statement proclaimed sometimes by players after they experience a streak of bad luck. This is a statement based on the emotional reaction of the moment. Often, when those players calm down, they are able to review it, analyze it rationally and understand that it is simply not true. They don’t really believe this myth – otherwise, they would not play online from the start.

The fact of the matter is that any casino, online or land, has some edge advantage in every game. Therefore, cheating the players and fixing the games is not beneficial – they are already making a profit while offering a fair game to every participant. In the long run, an honest casino makes more money while it gains positive reputation and provides everyone with a fair and safe place that attracts more and more customers.

It’s also quite impossible to get away with game fixing. The casinos are regulated, licensed and monitored, and a foul play would immediately result in them shutting down. So again, fixing is not profitable. Only shady casinos would do that, which is why their life span is really short. What you need to do is to play only in established and long running casinos, like those that we have listed under the Bonuses & Promotions page.


2. You don’t get paid when you win

There are people who actually believe that the online casino withhold the money from the winners. This myth even contradicts a previous one – what’s the point in fixing the game, if the house is not going to pay the winners in any case? And with a fixed game, would there be any winners at all?

While there have been some extreme cases of shady and illegal casinos, most of the cases of unpaid players are a result of those players breaking the terms and cheating. You can’t be sympathetic toward a player who goes against the casino’s conditions and doesn’t get paid. If he can’t play by the rules, the rules will not work in his favor.

The bottom line is that winners do get paid. The major, serious online casinos will pay your winnings immediately. They have a reputation to uphold, since they are interested in having as many players as possible. Again, always remember playing in trustworthy casinos, like those listed on our website under Bonuses & Promotions.


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3. Online casinos are more addictive

While the topic of gambling addiction should not be taken lightly, it must be noted that the online casinos treat this issue very seriously. Many of them have developed policies that deal with such cases, they enforce limitations and try to help people who are suspected of becoming addicted.

Of course, the online gambling can be addictive to some. However, it no more addictive that any other gambling. In fact, a Harvard study did not find a significantly higher level of addiction among online players as compared to other people. Moreover, the number of occurrences of gambling addiction did not increase during the recent years when the Internet casinos have become accessible for everyone. Therefore, as far as a risk of addiction goes, it’s the same for every form of casino. The people who become addicted to online gambling, would have become addicted to the regular gambling just as well. Just make sure you are not one of them and control your gaming habits.


4. Card counting is much easier when playing online

This myth is actually extremely risky, because of the false belief that you have a strong advantage of the house. In reality, the card counting is no easier online that in a real casino, and maybe even harder. Counting cards while playing Blackjack is a tricky skill to excel in. Also, you might get thrown out of the casino if you are caught. Some people believe that it’s easier to pull online, where no one is watching you and the security guards are not present.

The truth is, the online counting is nearly impossible. The cards are not drawn from a finite number of decks, but are dealt by a random number generator. Which means that, in effect, the deck is shuffled after every card. That nullifies the counting completely.

You still can try this method online, just don’t expect to see the guaranteed results that the casino myths have promised you.


5. Online gaming is for lonely people

Seemingly, going to a physical, brick-and-mortar casino with friends and other players is more of a social experience than playing online. You are surrounded by fellow human beings that you can talk to. However, saying that only the lonely are using online casinos is ridiculous, since the Internet is for everyone.

Most of the people play online for the entertainment value that it brings. The online casinos have tons of games, options and bonuses that are simply not available in the land casinos. They are easy to use and convenient, and provide you with a lot of opportunities to win cash. This is why the online casinos become the preferred choice for many players, and this has nothing to do with loneliness.


6. The promised bonuses are actually a scam

One of the biggest advantages that online casinos have is the rewards, bonuses and promotions. You won’t find such bonuses in a land casino, that’s for sure. But some people refuse to acknowledge the fact that casinos just hand this money for free. They false assume that this is a scam of sorts.

But they are simply wrong. The bonuses are offered by the casinos in order to draw new players as well as reward the existing ones. The bonuses are a result of a competitive market, where casinos give away the most attractive bonuses to gain more customers. Instead of being suspicious, take advantage of these bonuses and sign up to one of the casinos listed under Bonuses & Promotions.


7. The bonus makes you lose much quicker

This is a continuation of myth number 6. We have already explained that the bonuses are not a scam and the games are not fixed. This myth was probably made up by those who had a run of bad luck while playing with the bonus money, so they arrived at the wrong conclusion. But the luck is not the same every time for everyone. In fact, we actually know players who made a good profit playing only with bonus money. Therefore, this myth has no actual foundation in reality.


In conclusion, the online casinos have actually provided a positive experience for the majority of players. Win or lose, you can always have the full confidence that you are not being cheated or scammed, and in case of winning – will get paid. The risk of addiction is also non-existent.

Many people are interested in trying an online casino, but are deterred by the aforementioned myths. As we have shown you in this article, you don’t have to fear these false rumors and misconceptions. Find the casino that is right for you, play smart, manage your bankroll and win some money on the way.

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Best of luck, and see you at the tables.