Top 10 Blackjack Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Improving any game means becoming aware of the possible mistakes and pitfalls it might contain. It’s especially true when you’re playing blackjack and there is a lot of money on the line. Here are 10 common blackjack mistakes to avoid.


#10. Games that pay 6-5

Stay away from those! One of the common blackjack mistakes is playing the games that pay only 6-5, even if they are single-deck. Stick to the acceptable 3-2 games and enjoy your winnings. Ask the dealer before you sit down.


#9. Side bets

They might sound cheap, but the house has a definite edge in them. Avoid wasting your cash on side bets, such gambling on the suit of the next pair of cards. Those cheap side bets will pile up to a sizeable loss.


#8. Do not overbet

This is another common blackjack mistake. The game can be very emotional and tilting. You will experience ups and downs. Make sure your bankroll equals hundred times the minimal bet.


#7. Taking your frustration out on other people

Again, you will experience mood swings, especially when you lose. Don’t verbally attack the dealer or other blackjack players around you. Their behavior and actions have no effect on your bad luck. Cooler heads will prevail – and eventually profit.


#6. Drinking

A pretty obvious one. Alcohol will affect your game, your decisions, your mood, your betting. Don’t drink and gamble. Drunk players will lose tons of money, guaranteed. Avoid drinking too much when you’re sitting at the blackjack table, or any other casino game.


#5. Playing at a table with CSM

CSM is a Continuous Shuffling Machine, an automatic device recently introduced into the casino. In other to save time and deal more hands, the dealer will constantly put the discarded cards into the machine, and it will thoroughly shuffle several decks in every round. Playing with this machine is like playing again a fresh deck every time. The house edge will increase in this case, and you will lose more money in average. Stay away from the table with such machines.


#4. Being ignorant about the rules

Many blackjack mistakes stem from this problem. Don’t just sit down at the very first open seat and start playing. Check the rules of this table, ask the dealer, raise important questions. Not every blackjack game is the same, and some of the rules might not be profitable to you. Is it a 3-2 game? Can you double down after a pair split? Soft 17 – does the dealer hit or stand? After you have the necessary information, decide whether this table is profitable to you.


#3. Progressive Betting Systems

Guess what? They will not change the odds in your favor. In fact, they could be very risky, making you bet more and thus losing more money. Remember that the hands are independent, and the previous loss or win does not affect the next hand at all. There is only one factor, the ration of high to low cards in the decks that haven’t been played yet. Hence, you can increase your betting only when the unseen cards contain more high ones than the low ones. Learn a simple counting, or watch the cards being laid out in every round. If you don’t see many aces and pictures, maybe it’s time to bet more.


#2. Forgetting about the basic strategy

Don’t play by the hunch, as simple as that. Stick to the logical basic strategy, it’s available everywhere – books, websites, videos on YouTube. By making the correct, strategic decisions, you will reduce the house edge.


#1. Not getting rated

Many casinos enjoy rewarding constant players. Which why you must get a Player’s Card and give it to the dealer when you sit down to play some blackjack. Enjoy your freebies!


We hope that these tips will help you avoid the most common blackjack mistakes the next time you visit a casino.

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Thank you for reading and may the Lady Luck smile upon you!