Real and Online Roulette Strategy

While many people assume that there is no real roulette strategy, the actual truth is that there are several profitable systems in existence. These systems are safe for you, and the casinos lose a lot of money in your favor. We have compiled this article with a novice player in mind, but surely even the most experienced ones can profit from it too.


Outside and Inside Bets

What is an inside bet? It’s a bet placed on a single number. The casual players should probably stay away from those. In the long run, these are the bets that can beat the roulette. However, if you’re just a recreational gambler, looking to have some fun in a real or online casino, you shouldn’t try these, as it might take hundreds of spins before you hit the desired number.

Therefore, our recommendation is the outside bets – odds, events, colors, dozens, et cetera. You may still try an inside bet, but only if you try many individual bets at the same time.


Manage Your Bankroll

The bankroll management is an essential part of your decision-making, as it influences the total amount of your bets. Beware of becoming too emotional, impulsive, irritated, drunk or even adrenaline-driven – you might start increasing your bet sizes to get that big win, and as a result - your bankroll will suffer.

The bankroll also influences your play longevity. By being smart with your money and always checking how much you bet vs. how much you have in total will ensure that you play longer, have more fun and eventually profit. Always adjust the size of your bets according to the remaining bankroll. If your bankroll temporarily grows smaller, don’t increase your bets and chase your losses. On the contrary, make smaller bets until you get lucky again.


Safe Roulette Strategy: Up and Down Red/Black Betting

Try the following method, especially if you’re new to the game and just looking to have some fun, while not losing too much money. This is a low risk strategy that can get you some wins in the short term.

Bet 1 chip on red. If you lose, bet the same amount plus one chip on the next spin. If you win, bet one chip less next time. This fast and fun strategy is a good way to pay for your stay in the casino.

If you wish to take this one step further, try applying this strategy simultaneously for other 50/50 chance bets, such as evens/odds. Again, this works greatly in the short run. In the long terms, the odds are evening out, and your profits grow smaller.


The Safest Bet

The long term dictates that, over the time, the size of the bet does not matter. The safest roulette bet is what you feel is safe for you. It’s the size that doesn’t ruin your bankroll, even if you lose several spins in a row.

Some players might claim that black or red bet is the safest one. That is a false statement, because the house edge is still present here. In fact, this kind of bet is no different than betting on even or odd.


The Roulette Systems that Professionals Use to Win

If your goal is not being extremely safe, but gambling professionally and earning your bread from the roulette, then consider a system that uses physics. This type of systems is the only one that can actually beat the roulette in the long run. That makes them safe as well, you just need to play for longer periods of time to see a substantial profit. They are not the same as the Martingale system, where you apply betting progression.

In these systems, you make only flat bets, betting the same amount on all spins. There is no need in betting progression, since your aim is the long term edge and not pure luck. Your edge becomes larger than the usual -2.7% that the house has against the players.

There is a risk, of course, since the condition of the wheel can change and you will be no longer able to predict the sector where the ball will land. Pay attention to this fluctuation and adjust your betting decisions accordingly. The professional systems must be applied correctly in order to ensure your win, and, as mentioned early, they work safely in the long term. Research and practice them before using them in the actual casino.


We hope that these simple strategies and tips helped you and directed you in the right path, and wish you the best of luck at the tables!

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